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Seven On Site at PCA&D

Four artists of the Seven on Site landscape painters, Martha Armstrong, Judy Koon, Ro Lohin and Megan Williamson, shared their work and thoughts on the art of landscape painting during a panel discussion and reception with panel moderator Jenifer Samet, PhD, a NYC based art historian, curator and writer amongst PCA&D Students and community members.

"Painting the same's always new to me" - Martha Armstrong

"I go out to the outside. I need to be far away from being distracted. And there I have a choice among forms and space from my body's size to infinity." - Ro Lohin

"Painting is a personal map. When you paint a place you see it differently. We all have this urgency to interact with the landscape."" - Megan Williamson

"Painting is a tremendous fight. It's like trying to follow a moving target; chasing light and shadows. Go for the whole painting at once and focus your entire energy hoping that you get an entire image you can work with in the studio later." - Martha Armstrong

"The changing light and the changing weather are really exciting. I am looking for surprises and visual things to play with. You realize contours and edges are different. Weather changes and renders it new again." - Judy Koon

Tom Cook with Heidi Leitzke, Gallery Director at PCA&D

Megan Williamson, PCA&D Gallery Director Heidi Leitzke, Judy Koon, Ro Lohin, Tom Cook, Jenifer Samet, PhD, and Martha Armstrong